RIT Women’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: January 6, 2020

The Method

The first thing to do is define what I am actually going to care about. First, I only care about hockey that took place during the 2009-2010 season up to and including the current season (I included the games played in early January mostly because I did it without including them and it didn’t make a difference).

Second, I only want to include players who played during this time period. Some players were rostered but never saw any ice time, they weren’t considered for the list (I mean, obviously).

Third, I did not take into consideration the team performance in terms of wins, tournament finishes, trophies won, or individual awards for the purposes of the calculations. You’ll see a ton of talk of the individual accolades these players have won but this wasn’t used in the formula (turns out players who are really good statistically win awards).

Lastly, I did not include any “fancy” stats because the data that these rely on isn’t really available for women’s hockey and in the event it is available it isn’t necessarily reliable. It’s also hard getting anything other than a typical counting stat for a season before 2015.

The Players

Using the above criteria I was able to identify 10 potential goalies. Ali Binnington, Amy Torgerson, Brooke Stoddart, Carley King, Jenna de Jonge, Jessi O’Leary, Jetta Rackleff, Laura Chamberlain, Taylor Liotta, and Terra Lanteigne all made the cut.

Each of these goaltenders played between 4 (current first year goaltender, sorry!) and 5,348 minutes of hockey for the RIT Women’s team between the 2009-2010 and current seasons for a total of 21,934 minutes. Cumulatively they have made 9,834 saves on 10,678 shots and have posted a .921 SV%.

So who makes the final all-decade team? It’s honestly isn’t a huge surprise.

RIT Women’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

TL;DR: The RIT Women’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

  1. Terra Lanteigne
  2. Ali Binnington
  3. Laura Chamberlain

You’re going to look at the write-up and the stats below and think “how the hell did Binnington not take the first spot?” I thought the same thing.

The model has Lanteigne and Binnington separated by 50 “points,” about 1.5% of the total score.

At the end of the day Lanteigne is getting rewarded for making more saves and playing more minutes in a shorter period of time on statistically worse teams than Binnington.

The fact that we can even have a debate on which one of these incredibly talented goaltenders should be first on an all-decade team (let alone an all-time team) is great. RIT has had a ton of success identifying, recruiting, and further developing goaltenders.

Now the list.

Terra Lanteigne

Lanteigne joined the team during a period of transition – at this point the program is one full year removed from Binnington’s reign with no clear starting goaltender in the ranks. Rackleff performed very well in the in-between year; posting a .933 SV% and 2.36 GAA, but was not the game-changing goaltender RIT has been for lack of a better word, used to having.

The team was still struggling as a unit to win games, but not for lack of effort or goaltender performance. How many times in the first three seasons was Lanteigne relied on to make 35, 40, 45, or even 50 saves to keep the team in the game? I’ll tell you, it was 34 times. 34.

Lanteigne is unbelievably talented and capable of quite literally stealing games.

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA
Awards, Honors, and Records

*This is not an all inclusive list*

Terra of the House Lanteigne, the First of Her Name, The Unphased, Queen of the Crease, the Posts and the Goal Line, Queen of The Polisseum, Khaleesi of the Great Blue Paint, Protector of the Rink, Lady Regent of the Defensive Zone, Breaker of Records and Mother of Saves.

Okay so that’s not a real honor but it gets my point across. Forgiving, of course, using Dany the genocidal maniac to get that point out there.

Lanteigne currently holds the following RIT Women’s Hockey records:

Lanteigne is within striking distance of the most minutes played in a career record. Currently held by Binnington at 5,337 minutes.

She has been named multiple times to CHA all-conference teams for both athletic and academic performance. In 2018-2019 she was the CHA Player of the Year.

Ali Binnington

Ali Binnington is the OG (original GOAT) of RIT Women’s Hockey for the 2010’s. In my view she is still the OG of goaltending in the extended universe that is the goaltenders of the Binnington family, but her cousin Jordan winning the Stanley Cup kind of makes my points null and void.

Binnington was crucial to the team’s success as it moved from Division III to Division III. Binnington led the way with a .944 SV% and 1.72 GAA when the team captured the CHA Conference Championship in their second season at the DI level. Due to NCAA rules, RIT was not admitted to the NCAA tournament, instead CHA runners-up Mercyhurst were, where they lost to Clarkson in the Frozen Four (I’m not still mad, you’re still mad).

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA
Awards, Honors, and Records

*This is not an all inclusive list*

Binnington was a regular on all-conference lists for both the regular and post season. She made the CHA Academic All-Star (4.0 GPA) multiple times in her career and was a fixture on the CHA All-Academic team.

She currently holds the record for the most games played in a career, the most minutes played in a career, and the most shutouts in a career. She places second to Terra Lanteigne for the most games played in a season, the msot saves in a season, the most minutes played in a season, and the most saves in a career. She is also second on the all time list for the most-wins in a career and lowest goals against average of a season.

Laura Chamberlain

I wasn’t around to watch any of Chamerlain’s games so I will stay away from editorializing too much.

Chamberlain began her RIT career in the Division III era, advancing to the NCAA championship two years in a row finishing as runners-up in 2010-2011 and winning in 2011-2012, their final season in Division III.

She along with Binnington provided solid goaltending as the team transitioned into Division I hockey.

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA
Awards, Honors, and Records

*This is not an all inclusive list*

Chamberlain does not hold any school records but finds herself second for the highest save percentage in a career and lowest goals against average in a career. She is within the top ten for numerous other records; most games played in a season, most wins in a season, and most wins in a career.

Chamberlain was named to numerous all-conference teams for academic and athletic performance.