RIT Teams of the Decade

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: February 12, 2020

The Method

First off let me say that I had way bigger plans for what this was going to be. A ton of things have changed since I started the project, and unfortunately most of them having a negative impact on the amount of free time I have available to dedicate to compiling the data, information, and writing in up in a somewhat coherent way.

If I kept the vision the same from where it was in the beginning it would take me months to complete (more than it already has). Instead of laboring on the idea, I threw together the information to create the lists that you’ll find below.

So what exactly qualified someone to be on this list? First, they had to have played a season between 2009-2010 and the current 2019-2020 season. Only data from these seasons was considered (if they played in 2008-2009 that information was left out). The data was pumped into a very simple model that I created, a few formulas were run, and a score was given for each player. For each team the top 13 forwards, top 7 defenders, and top 3 goalies were selected.

The positions were assigned based on the officials rosters listed for the particular season. If a player is listed as a position for the majority of their career, or if a player is listed as a combo position (F/D) with a singular position for one or more years of their career they are given that position.

I will qualify these lists now by saying this: there are a lot of very good players who missed the list due to fractions of a point.

RIT Women’s Hockey Team of the Decade


Kourtney Kunichika

Kolbee McCrea

Kim Schlattman

Tenecia Hiller

Ariane Yokoyama

Katie Stack

Sarah Dagg

Celeste Brown

Erin Zach

Kendall Cornine

Marissa Maugeri

Carly Payerl


Kristina Moss

Danielle Read

Morgan Scoyne

Emilee Bulleid

Taylor Thurston

Melissa Bromley

Logan Land


Terra Lanteigne

Ali Binnington

Laura Chamberlain

RIT Men’s Hockey Team of the Decade


Brad McGowan

Erik Brown

Matt Garbowsky

Myles Powell

Mike Colavecchia

Cameron Burt

Ben Lynch

Adam Hartley

Gabe Valenzuela

Adam Mitchell

Josh Mitchell

Abbott Girduckis

Caleb Cameron


Adam Brubacher

Chase Norrish

Matt Abt

Alex Kuqali

Brady Norrish

Greg Noyes

Chris Saracino


Mike Rotolo

Logan Drackett

Shane Madolora

RIT Team of the Decade Builder

Can you build a team using just $20? Test yourself here!

Simply enter into the Team of the Decade Builder and start assembling your rosters using the players available. Each player is assigned a salary, and the team has a $20 cap. Select 3 forwards, 2 defenders, and 1 goaltender and see what score you can get!