RIT Men’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: January 8, 2020

The Method

The first thing to do is define what I am actually going to care about. First, I only care about hockey that took place during the 2009-2010 season up to and including the current season (I included the games played in early January mostly because I did it without including them and it didn’t make a difference).

Second, I only want to include players who played during this time period. Some players were rostered but never saw any ice time, they weren’t considered for the list (I mean, obviously).

Third, I did not take into consideration the team performance in terms of wins, tournament finishes, trophies won, or individual awards for the purposes of the calculations.

Lastly, I did not include any “fancy” stats because it can be quite difficult getting anything other than a typical counting stat for a season before 2015.

The brief breakdowns of the individual players below are going to look a bit different than the breakdowns for the women’s players. The RIT Men’s Hockey team doesn’t have a recently published set of records (not one that I have found at least) and the information available online from other sources is suspect. Individual accolades weren’t accounted for in the model so it doesn’t have any impact on the rankings of any player.

The Players

Using the above criteria I was able to identify 13 potential goalies. Christian Short, Ian Andriano, Jan Ropponen, Jared DeMichiel, Jordan Ruby, Josh Watson, Ken MacLean, Kolby Matthews, Logan Drackett, Mike Rotolo, Nick Amato, and Shane Madolora were all eligible.

So who makes the final all-decade team?

RIT Men’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

TL;DR: The RIT Men’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

  1. Mike Rotolo
  2. Logan Drackett
  3. Shane Madolora

Way more noticeable with the men’s goalies list is that the model is heavily reliant on the number of minutes played between the 2009-2010 season and the current season. Not to say that either of these goalies don’t deserve their place in the list because they absolutely do but it appears that ice time is the greatest contributing factor to a goaltenders ranking. “Thankfully” we won’t have that issue with the skater rankings since that data is not publicly available anyway.

Mike Rotolo

Rotolo began his RIT Hockey career at a time when there wasn’t a clear #1 goaltender for the team. He spent his first two seasons playing a 1A/1B role with Jordan Ruby. Who, for what it’s worth, was the fourth goalie in the list and the last one in the “top tier” before the large drop off in points as assigned by the model.

He was the 1A in a 55/45 ice time split with Christian Short in his third year and by the time his senior season arrived he was the clear starter, taking 95% of the ice time.

During his tenure the team won back to back Atlantic Hockey Championships in 2015 and 2016. He was named to the All-Tournament team in 2016.

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA

Logan Drackett

2017-2018 was not a great year for RIT hockey. The team posted a 15-20-2 record while no goalie had above an .885 SV% or a GAA below 3.00. Drackett took the majority of ice this season, battling with Christian Short for the starting job (damn, again? Guy can’t catch a break).

Since he took the starting position in his second year he has been very reliable – posting a .911 and .918 (current season) SV% and goals against averages of 2.59 and 2.34 (current season) while playing an absurd percentage of minutes.

If he remains the starting goaltender on the team he is well on pace to pass Rotolo’s ice time and win totals.

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA

Shane Madolora

Madolora joined the team in 2009-2010 where he played only a few games behind honorable mention Jared DeMichiel (who would absolutely be in the top 3 if his career were shifted by one year).

He took over starting duties in 2010-2011 until his final season in 2012-2013.

During his two seasons as a starter he was absolutely lights-out. Posting back to back seasons with a 1.93 GAA and above a .930 SV%.

I really only have one concrete memory of Madolora in an RIT uniform, and it’s from the 2010 Frozen Four, so it’s not a great one.

Quick Hit Statistics
SeasonMinutesShots FacedSavesSV%GAA