RIT Hockey Teams of the Decade

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: January 6, 2020


Using a custom made tool to compare players using a ton of different metrics that I have deemed important, I have created all-decade rosters for both the men’s and women’s hockey teams.

These will be revealed in a series of parts beginning with the RIT Women’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade. It is broken up into multiple parts for two main reasons. First, it would be a gigantic article if it was made available all at once. Second, it would take an obscene amount of time and effort to do all of the work at once and publish it in a coherent way – and to be quite honest I don’t have the mental bandwidth to organize that at the moment.

You can view the entire series list at the bottom of this post.


Using a custom individual player comparison tool that I built using inspiration from the SKATR comparison I developed a player “score” based on statistics that have either been determined to be important or that I decided were important. Data from 2009-2010 to the current season were used in the generation of these ratings. Full disclosure, I’m not going to be revealing all of the statistics / data / formulas used.

I broke each team’s roster into the three main positions; forwards (disregarding center/wing designations), defense (any player listed as F/D was placed in the defense category), and goaltenders.


The “everyone else is doing it” isn’t a great reason for anything, but I really don’t need a great reason to take a deep dive into decade-old hockey stats and reminisce about some of the greatest players to don an RIT sweater. That being said I haven’t seen either an RIT Men’s Hockey or RIT Women’s Hockey Team of the Decade, so here we are.

Teams of the Decade Series

Part One: RIT Women’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

Part Two: RIT Men’s Hockey Goaltenders of the Decade

Part Three: RIT Women’s Hockey Defenders of the Decade

Part Four: RIT Men’s Hockey Defenders of the Decade

Part Five: RIT Women’s Hockey Forwards of the Decade

Part Six: RIT Men’s Hockey Forwards of the Decade