RIT Hockey Preseason Rankings

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: September 24, 2019

Hockey is (almost) officially back. The preseason coach polls have been released, and I (completely unintentionally) have also just finished up my preseason tweaks to the Pucks and Probabilities model.

Both the men’s and women’s models can be found here!

Before getting into the rankings themselves I want to make three things clear:

  1. The Pucks and Probabilities model takes only data from last year into account currently.
  2. The men’s model and women’s model use different dimensions and data points as there is not as much information available for women’s hockey and it isn’t as reliable.
  3. This is just a preseason ranking based on coach feedback and the data I have collected and turned into a game-by-game prediction model. I’m not in the business of making season long predictions – so these rankins should not be interpreted as that.

Men’s Hockey


  1. American International
  2. Niagara
  3. Bentley
  4. Sacred Heart
  5. RIT
  6. Air Force
  7. Robert Morris
  8. Army
  9. Mercyhurst
  10. Holy Cross
  11. Canisius

Pucks and Probabilities

  1. Bentley
  2. American International
  3. Air Force
  4. Sacred Heart
  5. RIT
  6. Niagara
  7. Army
  8. Holy Cross
  9. Mercyhurst
  10. Canisius
  11. Robert Morris

What does this mean?

The biggest difference between the two rankings are Niagara and Robert Morris who were each shifted 4 spots in the Pucks and Probabilities model.

The Pucks and Probabilities model only takes into account last season’s data and nothing else, so it makes sense as to why there is some pretty significant variability for a couple of teams. Incoming players, returning players that have improved, coaching changes, strength of competition (among other factors) are not taken into account.

The Pucks and Probabilities Power Ranks will be tracked each week as new data is entered so we should see a more accurate representation of the standings and team performance as the season progresses.

Women’s Hockey


  1. Mercyhurst
  2. Robert Morris
  3. Syracuse
  4. Penn State
  5. RIT
  6. Lindenwood

Pucks and Probabilities

  1. Robert Morris
  2. Mercyhurst
  3. Penn State
  4. Syracuse
  5. Lindenwood
  6. RIT

What does this mean?

The model and coaches poll are quite close with no team shifting more than a single position. I don’t have a ton to say regarding the women’s rankings.

I am more likely to agree with the Coaches spot for the RIT program vs. the Pucks and Probabilities model due to the fact that RIT’s strength is currently in net – something my model doesn’t do a great job of capturing at the moment.

The women’s model will be updated and tracked throughout the season to see if it is more accurate than I am assuming.