RIT Hockey Power Ranks – 12/4/2019

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: December 3, 2019


These power rankings are generated using a modified version of the Pucks and Probabilities model.


Each Wednesday (if all schools have their most recent games data uploaded, looking at you Robert Morris) the power rankings for both Atlantic Hockey and College Hockey America will be updated.

Atlantic Hockey Power Ranks

Thoughts: Surprisingly the model didn’t have RIT dropping after a couple of poor performances against American International (AIC also didn’t move fwiw). Mercyhurst and Robert Morris have continued to decline, Sacred Heart has remained in the top spot for the third week in a row, and Canisius is still flat-lining.

College Hockey America Power Ranks

Thoughts: Things have been pretty steady in College Hockey America, with the teams broken up into three major groups. Mercyhurst and Robert Morris are the best teams in the conference; Syracuse, RIT, and Penn State are middle-of-the-road and competitive with each other; while Lindenwood is alone at the bottom.