RIT Hockey Power Ranks – 02/05/2020

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: February 6, 2020


These power rankings are generated using a modified version of the Pucks and Probabilities model.

Atlantic Hockey Power Ranks

Thoughts: No one is stopping Sacred Heart in the regular season this year.

RIT dropped a spot to third and Holy Cross jumped a spot to fifth after the split this weekend.

The model can’t decide if Mercyhurst or Niagara is the worst team so they continue to flip flop (didn’t even delete this from the last time since it continues).

Army dropped a couple of spots to 7th, but are still a good team. They’ll probably find themselves climbing back up the rankings in the coming weeks.

College Hockey America Power Ranks

Thoughts: No changes this week since there were very few games that CHA teams played in. Not much else to say on that topic.