What is Pucks and Paws?

Pucks and Paws is a blog dedicated to providing coverage of the RIT Men’s and Women’s hockey programs. This is done through data visualizations, analysis, advanced stats, and most importantly – memes.

The Pucks

Why I started Pucks and Paws

I have spent the last couple of years going back and forth on starting this site. At some points I would have the time but not the resources to run it, other times I would have no time but the resources.

I now have the skills, resources, and time (lol probably not) to run this site the way I intended.

There has been a severe lack of data and coverage regarding Atlantic Hockey and College Hockey America because of the fact that it’s Atlantic Hockey and College Hockey America.

Instead of sitting around waiting for the data and coverage, I decided to go out and create it.

The Paws

Just an excuse to share a picture of my dogs.

The Paws of Pucks and Paws
Niko (left) and Maise (right). The Paws behind the guy behind the keyboard.

Data Visualizations, Advanced Stats, and Analysis

This is the main reason I built Pucks and Paws. I wanted a resource for RIT hockey analysis, advanced stats, and a better way to view them.

Data Visualizations

You can find all of our data vizzes at the Tableau Public profile for Pucks and Paws.

These will also be used in any articles and shared through social channels when relevant.

Advanced Stats

Right now we have some advanced goaltending and advanced shooting metrics available on the Tableau Public page.

The goal here is to expand them as data becomes readily available / I create new ways to generate and store the information I need to make the graphs.


This will come in the form of Game Previews & Recaps published each week as well as any larger projects that are published on Pucks and Paws.

I will also be offering off-the-cuff analysis on the Facebook Page and Twitter account throughout the games.


Saved the best for last.

All of the memes will be posted to the Facebook page and at the Pucks and Paws meme page here on the site.

Most memes will be posted to Instagram and Twitter depending on the image and whether or not it makes sense to change the sizing around to get them to fit.

You can also feel free to send your own RIT hockey memes to any of the official channels. If I think it’s good and with your permission I will share it across our platforms with proper credit!


Pucks and Paws is not affiliated with RIT, the Athletic Department, or the Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams.