RIT Hockey Season Preview 2019-2020

by Justin Banker | Last Updated: August 5, 2019

We are a few short weeks away from another season of Tiger hockey. Below you will find a comprehensive RIT Hockey Season preview covering both the men’s and women’s hockey teams.

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Pucks and Paws: What to Expect

This will be the first season that Pucks and Paws covers in it’s entirety. Here is what you can expect heading into to the season.


In order to keep things under control and streamlined, I will be using official Pucks and Paws accounts on only Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook: I will use Facebook to post articles, data visualizations, game previews & recaps, and essentially anything else that gets posted on the site. This will also be the primary meme dump spot. I know what people really care about.

Twitter: Twitter is going to be used for two things: sharing articles from the site and live coverage of the games.

Instagram: This is going to be exclusively memes.

Game Previews & Recaps

The current plan is to do this on a weekly basis. Previews for both the men’s and women’s teams will go up before their weekend series, or if they are playing a mid-week game, before their first game of that week is played. Recaps will be published after all of the team’s games for a given week are concluded.

Charts, Graphs, and Vizzes

Right now I plan to update all of the vizzes that are currently available each week after all of the games have been completed. Some will be used in supporting other articles, and all of them can be found here.

Pucks and Probabilities

The men’s version will be updated after every game that is played so the new data can be used in evaluating the next game. For example, data will be added after the Friday night game to be used in the projection for the Saturday night game. The model will be fine tuned throughout the season to make sure it is as accurate as possible. You can find the model and some further discussion around it here.

I am currently working on developing a version for the women’s team and CHA, however the availability of data and accuracy of the predictions has prevented me from moving it along faster.


These will be published 24/7 365. Whenever I have something to share, I will. You can find all of Pucks and Paws memes here. Feel free to send in your own to the Facebook page, Twitter account, or email. Ones I find great may be shared through the account with proper credit given!

RIT Hockey Season Preview

Men’s Hockey

The men’s season ended in disappointment after a defeat by goalie Brian Wilson the Niagara Purple Eagles in the Atlantic Hockey Semifinal.

The Roster

Once released by the university, the official roster will be available here.


Forwards: Erik Brown, Gabe Valenzuela, Abbott Girduckis, and Mark Logan

Goaltenders: Christian Short


The men’s team has brought on 7 new players for the 2019-2020 season. 5 forwards, 1 defender, and 1 goaltender.

For more on the incoming freshmen, check out the Class of 2023 Preview.

Projected Depth Chart

A few qualifying statements before proceeding.

  1. Players who had a spot on the roster last season have automatically been given a spot this season
  2. This is not taking any injuries into account.
  3. This is not a projection of the lines, pairings, or sides of the lineup.

Barring injury we are likely to see all of the freshmen forwards get a chance in the lineup as well as sophomore Merrit Oszytko who did not dress in 2018-2019 despite being on the active roster.
The Tigers will need to replace the 86 points lost to graduation, and the influx of elite OJHL scoring talent should help.

Jake Hamacher

Nick Bruce

Andrew Petrucci

Andrew Rinaldi

Alden Dupuis

Will Calverley

Ryan Kruper

Caleb Moretz

Shawn Cameron

Kobe Walker

Jordan Peacock

Merrit Oszytko

Extras: Thomas Maia, Colton Trumbla, and Elijah Gonsalves

The men’s team dresses 7 defenders, Salloum played the majority of games in the 7th spot, which is what kept him there.

Adam Brubacher

Dan Willett

Brody Valette

Regan Seiferling

Darren Brady

Chris McKay

Zach Salloum

Extras: Spencer Berry and Ryan Nicholson

There is every reason to believe that Logan Drackett will continue to be the starting goalie with Ian Andriano presumed to be the first choice as backup and Matthews being give opportunities to compete for playing time.

Logan Drackett

Ian Andriano

Kolby Matthews


The men’s team opens their season against Colgate on October 5th in Hamilton before heading to Ohio to compete in the Ice Breaker Tournament.

Their first “home” game is the Brick City Homecoming game against Merrimack on October 19th.

For the full schedule, view the RIT Men’s Hockey 2019-2020 Dashboard.

Women’s Hockey

After multiple disappointing seasons, the women’s team improved greatly under Coach Davis in his first year behind the bench. The team won 8 more games than the prior year and had a competitive showing in their CHA quarterfinal loss to the eventual CHA champion Orange.

The Roster

Once released by the university, the official roster will be available here.


Skaters: Brooke Baker, Kendall Cornine, Kandice Sheriff, Mallory Rushton, Logan Land, Christa Vuglar, and Brinna Dochniak.

Goaltenders: Jenna de Jonge


The Class of 2023 has yet to be officially announced, however according to CollegeCommitments.com the women’s team has 11 players joining them for the 2019-2020 season.

You can use the links below to view the stats that are currently available for the incoming players. Keep in mind that statistics for women’s junior leagues is often incomplete and hard to come by.

Projected Depth Chart

A few qualifying statements before proceeding.

  1. Players who had a spot on the roster last season have automatically been given a spot this season
  2. Members of the projected incoming class have been awarded spots based on the availability of their pre-RIT statistics.
  3. This is not taking any injuries into account.
  4. This is not a projection of the lines or pairings.


Jordan Marchese

Hunter Barnett

Baylee Trani

Christa Stefanopoulos

Tori Haywood

Madison Farrand

Jade Mancini

Stella Haberman

Brittney Gout

Abby Davies

Claudia Black

Venice Rasoulis

Extras: Taisiya Rykova, Kylie lalonde, Hana Solinger, Haley Hodge, and Rachel Goff


Ellie Larson

Taylor Sims

Justine Larkin

Madison Itagaki

Taylor Baker

Sarah Beck

Extras: Madeline Dunham


Terra Lanteigne

Jessi O’Leary

Taylor Liotta


The women’s team opens the regular season with a weekend series against the University of Vermont on October 4th and October 5th at the Polisseum.

Their first conference series is against Mercyhurst in PA on October 18th and 19th.

For the full women’s schedule view the RIT Women’s Hockey 2019-2020 Dashboard.

Until the season actually begins, the RIT Hockey Season Preview post will be updated regularly with new information and speculation. Stay tuned!